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July 19, 2017 by Bunnahabhain
I was never a prolific JoeUser poster. But for the past several years, more often then not, whenever I try to comment on an article, I get an error message. Doesn't matter whether I am using Chrome or Firefox or IE. On the odd occasion it lets me post a comment, but the next time that I return I am out of luck again. Sigh!


I just tried commenting on both my post and Mason's post. Neither worked. When I try, I get a popup saying:

"Your comment was not submitted successful...
January 13, 2008 by Bunnahabhain
I've been a member of JU for coming on four years now. Last January I decided (for reasons best kept to myself) that I would switch to lurk mode. I decided to surface today in order to reply on Tova's article asking about Bakerstreet. Never being what you'd call a regular, I'd be surprised if anyone even remembers me, but that's okay.

All this got me to thinking about how many other JUsers are out there just lurking - new members, old members, shy ones too. Blue ones, green ones, me and you. ...