A Total Waste Of Time!
Published on November 15, 2009 By Bunnahabhain In Movie Reviews

I went out with a couple of friends to see this movie on opening night – Friday the 13th. It was only the second movie that I’ve seen in the theatre this year, with the first one being Star Trek. Now that was a good movie!

2012 however, sucked – big time. How bad was it, you ask? The story was completely implausible and the acting was even worse. The special effects couldn’t save the movie either. While well done, they were just the same thing over and over and over again. And to make matters worse, this piece of trash was over 2 1/2 hours long.

Other than when I was laughing at how stupid the movie was, there were only two, maybe three laughs in the whole show. Is it clear enough that I didn’t like this garbage film?

The only redeeming quality for me was a chance to get out with some good friends that I don’t see very often, and being able to leave when the show was finally over.

To recap: don’t waste your time or your money on this horrible movie. Don’t buy it when it comes out on DVD, and don’t even think about renting it either!

Rating: 0 out of 5

on Nov 16, 2009

Ya got to give it at least 1 star for being muslim friendly.

on Nov 16, 2009

Did I mention that I didn't like the movie?     

on Nov 16, 2009

No stars for you!

on Feb 28, 2010

I see that it is now out on DVD. Once again, I implore everyone to NOT watch this movie, whether on DVD or on television. It is a total waste of your time.

on Mar 25, 2010

The whole movie seemed to be "how many special effects can we cram into 90 minutes". If you love big explosions and small storylines, this is the movie for you. John Cusack going from this to "Hot Tub Time Machine" says a lot.


As for Star Trek, it was good. What I didn't like is it felt contrived with all the characters meeting out of basic training and taking control of a starship. The Federation must be hurting for seasoned personnel. Also didn't care much for Vulcan being destroyed. I know it's an alternate universe. The only thing missing is they didn't have a cameo for William Shatner. They could have had him getting the young Kirk and his green girlfriend a discount on a room. That would have been funny.