Does Anyone Else Have This Problem?
Published on July 19, 2017 By Bunnahabhain In Blogging

I was never a prolific JoeUser poster. But for the past several years, more often then not, whenever I try to comment on an article, I get an error message. Doesn't matter whether I am using Chrome or Firefox or IE. On the odd occasion it lets me post a comment, but the next time that I return I am out of luck again. Sigh!


I just tried commenting on both my post and Mason's post. Neither worked. When I try, I get a popup saying:

"Your comment was not submitted successfully. Please try again."

Same result on both FireFox and Chrome. Help!

on Jul 20, 2017

 Shouldn't be any reason you can't.

Check you have no add blockers or cookie controls set for the site...

on Jul 23, 2017

I don't have any ad blockers of cookie controls set. And I've tried posting with IE, FF, and (this time) Chrome.


In fact, I just tried leaving a comment on Mason's blog and it failed with a popup saying, "Your comment was not submitted successfully. Please try again.", which is the problem that I get when I try and post.


Now let's see if I can comment on my own blog post!

on Jul 23, 2017

Aha, it worked when I posted it through the forums! Question becomes, why?