It's Time To Surface For Some Air.
Published on January 13, 2008 By Bunnahabhain In Blogging
I've been a member of JU for coming on four years now. Last January I decided (for reasons best kept to myself) that I would switch to lurk mode. I decided to surface today in order to reply on Tova's article asking about Bakerstreet. Never being what you'd call a regular, I'd be surprised if anyone even remembers me, but that's okay.

All this got me to thinking about how many other JUsers are out there just lurking - new members, old members, shy ones too. Blue ones, green ones, me and you.

So how about it, care to surface for a moment and make your presence known?

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on Feb 18, 2008
The original remark assumed that the average poster here was conservative, and the implication was that conservatives aren't capable of 'open-minded intellectual discussion.' I'd say they are no more or no less capable than the average 'liberal.'(and why is this reply box miniaturized on the new forums? It's tiny and tedious.

Yes, ma'am, it is. It's horrible. The whole new layout is horrible.
on Feb 19, 2008
I'd say they are no more or no less capable than the average 'liberal.'

Then we agree.

I assumed he was saying that the average person will simply follow the prevailing winds, and that on the good ship JU under Cap'n Drag that just so happens to be conservative.
Maybe I misread the subtext here. It wouldn't be the first time.
on Feb 22, 2008
Do you honestly think the average person is capable of open-minded intellectual discussion?

Intellectual snobbery is a disease not recognized by those who have it. See a doctor.
on Feb 23, 2008

My FSM, what did I start?